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Keith Smith—a REALTOR® with YES Realty Partners in the Charlottesville, Virginia area—has over 32 years of experience in general real estate, land development, land planning, general contracting and business management. His passion for addressing the housing affordability crisis has placed a few extra hats on his head in recent years, including chairing a land trust that has helped nearly two dozen families achieve homeownership last year.

Under Smith’s leadership, the Central Virginia Regional Housing Partnership created a new Regional Housing plan, launched a search tool to help people find affordable homes, secured funding from non-profit and individual donors, and pioneered a strategic planning process to navigate long-term affordable housing issues in the area. Smith has also helped create new partnerships between housing advocates, parlaying $140,000 in funding into $1.8 million. 

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Interest Rate Reality: How to Educate Buyers

January 11, 2024, 06:35 PM
Jenna Harris-Hernandez Angela Adams Rei Mesa Keith Smith